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Instead of tearing out an entire roof, CIC is able to restore an old but still working roof to their previous glory.  Whether you have a standing seam metal roof, EPDM roof, TPO roof, PVC roof, tar and gravel roof, commercial or industrial roof, CIC is dedicated to doing everything in our power to restore it.

The benefits of restoring a roof are many:

  • Restoration can add up to 20-25 more years to an existing roof’s life.
  • A new roof can be expensive, however, a restoration can be extremely budget friendly and much more affordable.
  • Restorations are environmentally friendly because your current roof does not need to be ripped off and thrown into a landfill. Restoration makes your roof more sustainable and green.
  • Injecting new life into an old roof improves resistance from the weather.
  • Old roofs are prone to letting heat escape. Yet, a restored roof will increase your building heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Replacing a roof can be time consuming but restoring a roof is less disruptive to your everyday life and budget.
  • Everyone loves a tax break- restoring a roof can have many tax benefits
  • Low VOC and no VOC materials.